Caring for the whole family!
caregiver with seniors

H and M Healthcare of Texas is a family-oriented and dedicated home health care agency established in 2020 with the goal of meeting the healthcare needs of both the pediatric and geriatric population in its service location.

We treat each client like our beloved family members and deliver the best care that suits their diverse health needs. So, you can rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones will receive genuine care and support to promote you and your loved ones’ overall health and well-being in the safest, most comfortable setting.

About the Owner

Humphrey Onyeonoro Chama is a registered nurse with a wealth of experience in both the pediatric and geriatric populations. He has provided skilled nursing services in different settings, including hospitals, hospice, private homes, and other nursing establishments. He is passionate about meeting the healthcare needs of individuals at their vulnerable times.

Our Mission

To provide the best and most affordable care in a family-centered environment while treating patients and family members like our treasured loved ones.

Our Vision

To be the healthcare provider of choice by families trusted for providing quality services personalized to suit every individual’s diverse health needs and ensure success in every treatment.

Get Started!
For inquiries, feel free to send us a message online. Or, you can arrange a meeting with us so we can have a thorough discussion of your needs and concerns.